Android Wear Starter Project – F# + Xamarin

Wearable computing is undeniably a hot topic currently, what with all the major mobile players (Apple, Google and Microsoft) having entered the market. There is also a plethora of smaller players such as Timex, Nike, Pebble, etc.

Cheap, ubiquitous wearable computers – along with Internet-of-things – may be the next big wave in technology. As they say, “possibilities are endless…”.

As this blog is dedicated to F# and functional programming, here is a starter barebones Android Wear project for Xamarin – written entirely in F# :

Please go through the repository documentation (“” file). It will give you an overview of the Android Wear app deployment process. There you will also find a list of potential ‘gotchas’ to avoid and tips on debugging and troubleshooting.


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