Best Fit Bin Packing

Many types of computational problems can be mapped to ‘bin packing’. Scheduling of jobs on a set of available machines is one such problem which is common in job shop type environments.

Here is some F# code that implements the ‘best fit’ heuristic algorithm for bin packing:

Also provided is an implementation of binary tree with duplicates for tracking remaining bin capacities:

Lets say you have 100 customer orders for cutting plywood in various configurations. Each job requires Xj centimeters of cutting (j=1..100). You also have 10 electric saws that can cut at the rates of Ym centimeters / hour (m=1..10). Given 8 hours in a working day your problem is to best schedule the jobs on the available machines to maximize the machine utilization.

This type of problem can be modeled as a 1-dimensional bin packing problem. Scheduling of jobs to machines is akin to putting items of different sizes into a set of bins of different capacities.

Bin packing is a NP-hard problem but there are reasonable heuristic algorithms available as solutions. One such algorithm is best fit and its variant decreasing order best fit. The decreasing-order variant offers better performance and can be easily achieved by sorting the items in decreasing order of size prior to invoking the best fit algorithm.

Implementation of best fit requires keeping tracking of remaining bin capacities as each item is added. The referenced F# implementation uses a binary tree with duplicates for O(log(n)) lookup of bins based on the remaining capacity.




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