WebSharper with Type Providers

With F# 3.0 and Visual Studio 2011 comes Type Provider capability which is a significant new addition to F# (and indeed to any programming language).

The essential idea is that metadata from external sources (SQL databases, Web Services, etc.) can be harnessed in the programming language at development time as if the data were part of the language’s type system, with very low effort. You can find out more about Type Providers here.

WebShaper is a superb tool for creating Web 2.0 style applications in F#. User interface; client-side logic (rendered as JavaScript); server-side logic; and client-server communication can all be done in one language, F#!.

WebSharper currently supports .Net 4.0 but TypeProviders require .Net 4.5. With a little bit of effort, I have created a .Net 4.5 solution that combines WebSharper and TypeProviders under one umbrella. You can get started with it until WebSharper relase their own templates for VS11.

Update: WebSharper has released a new versiont that should work in VS11 and .Net 4.5. The code linked to by the link below is no longer needed.

Here is the link to codeplex: http://wstp.codeplex.com/


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