FSharpJump – a Visual Studio 2010 Extension for F# Outlining and Navigation

F# is a new language so the F# editor in Visual Studio does not have all the bells and whistles of say the C# editor.

I particularly missed the C# outlining/navigation features in the F# editor.

Fortunately, Visual Studio 2010 is pretty extensible and it is relatively easy to customize it to add such features to F#.

Here is such an extension that you can add to VS 2010. The extension uses the new VSIX extension mechanism that became available in VS 2010.

[Update: For more F# editor enhancements see TomasP’s blog post]

[Update: V 3.0 released. Includes support for VS11 Developer Preview]

This extension is now in the Visual Studio Gallery and can be installed directly using the VS 2010 Extension Manager. Just search for FSharpJump

Source code is here: http://fsharpjump.codeplex.com/

To install the extension, download the .vsix file from the above link’s “downloads” area and save it to disk. Doubleclick on the saved file to install it into Visual Studio. Or use the Visual Studio “Tools / Extension Manager” menu option.

To remove the extension, just use Visual Studio “Tools / Extension Manager…” menu option.

Use the Ctrl+”.” (dot) command to pop up the FSharpJump window in the F# editor.

The focus is moved to FSharpJump window. Use the arrow keys or mouse to browse the list or to select an item of interest. Doubleclick or press enter to ‘jump’ to the selected item.

You can filter the list by typing characters. Only entries that contain the typed characters will show. You can use the backspace key to remove characters from the filter.

If you find this useful (or otherwise) please feel free to leave feedback or bug reports on the codeplex site.


7 thoughts on “FSharpJump – a Visual Studio 2010 Extension for F# Outlining and Navigation

  1. Nice work!
    Some minor suggestions:
    1. Scroll the list to the position of the cursor in the document, highlight the entry in the list.
    2. When clicking outside of the list, it loses focus, which can causes some glitches (the cursor becomes visible even if it’s hidden by the list). It should close instead.

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  3. Is it possible to resize the window? The size is good as is. If I could also make it really large some times to glance the outline maybe that could be nice as well.

  4. Hi Faisal,

    F# Software Foundation (fsharp.org) would like to assemble VS Power Tools for F# which consists of useful VS extensions for F# language. The VS Power Tools will be maintained by fsharp.org in the incubation space https://github.com/fsprojects. The idea is to maintain the extensions, actively update them when a new VS version comes out, and potentially share critical resources between them e.g. instances of F# Compiler.
    Here is the list of considered extensions http://fsharp.org/community/projects/ (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

    We would like to include FSharpJump as a part of VS Power Tools for F#. It’s a pity to see this useful extension inactive and not being updated for VS 2013.

    Would you allow us to distribute FSharpJump in VS Power Tools via Apache license? Please drop us a line Phan (phananhdung104 at gmail dot com) and Don (donsyme at fastmail dot fm) so that we could discuss this further.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

    Best regards,

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